3 Random Lupo Alberto Gummy Candies

LUPO ALBERTO CARAMELLE CHEWYFRUIT TASTE Let yourself be taken in bynostalgia and treat yourself to theiconic gummies of the most loved Wolf ever.Let the little ones discover it:everyone will be capducted by thetaste of these soft gummycandies. Each candy is individuallywrapped and has a different fruitflavor. You'll need to open...

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Let yourself be taken in by
nostalgia and treat yourself to the
iconic gummies of the most loved Wolf ever.
Let the little ones discover it:
everyone will be capducted by the
taste of these soft gummy
candies. Each candy is individually
wrapped and has a different fruit
flavor. You'll need to open as many you can to find out which one would be your favorite.

Lupo Alberto gummy candies, assorted flavors of fruits, individually wrapped candy, ideal also for children's parties.
Sweet Gelco - Perfetti Van Melle
Gummy Lupo Alberto Candies
Taste assorted fruits: lemon, strawberry, apple,
passion fruit, blackberries, orange.