Malizia Body Wash Argan & Vanilla

Malizia Bath Foam Argan andVanilla1000 mlNew Body Bath FoamMALIZIA ARGAN AND VANILLABATH FOAM, in 1 liter pack. Maliziahas always cared about the needsof families. With the 1 liter FoamBaths the sensation of cleanlinessand softness becomes maxi. Letyourself be conquered by the freshand intense fragrances thatenvelop the body in a seductiveand...

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Malizia Bath Foam Argan and
1000 ml
New Body Bath Foam
BATH FOAM, in 1 liter pack. Malizia
has always cared about the needs
of families. With the 1 liter Foam
Baths the sensation of cleanliness
and softness becomes maxi. Let
yourself be conquered by the fresh
and intense fragrances that
envelop the body in a seductive
and revitalizing embrace, gently
cleansing and helping to maintain
the natural hydration of the skin.
For a feeling of relaxation every day